A Pretty Site Equates to Fewer Sales – Is it a Fact or a Fallacy?

One that is pretty is very tempting. Thus, a book with fabulous cover and catchy title will likely to generate more sales, the same way that the dish with luscious presentation and extra-ordinary garnishing will be the first to be tasted. The product with captivating packaging will be the first to be reached out from its shelf and a website with arresting layout and design will be the first to be appreciated.

This is because desire starts from our brain and works its way to our senses. But why are other people saying pretty sites mean fewer sales? Is being pretty not enough? Well, that is exactly the point that I want to deal with. Many people are scampering their way to own a flashy website. This attitude is in fact an advantage however it must be coupled with a lot of things in order to perfect the craft.

A book will turn out to be annoying if the reader finds out that it’s not what they expected it to be. A dish will taste blandly if the one who eats it doesn’t like its savor. The product with a nice packaging will stay in the trash bin if the purchaser did not like its content. And the arresting website will no longer be visited if found to be useless and lacking.

People are persuaded by senses but also motivated by reason. We are easily fascinated by beauty. Nevertheless, if we have already found out that our needs and wants are not what the certain product or service is giving, then our intellect will dictate us to find another that will attend to us.

The secret ingredient is FULFILLMENT not just satisfaction. And for a site to be fulfilling it must have the four indispensable elements – simplicity, functionality, security and customer interaction. A pretty site becomes irritating when overdosed with graphics and effects. It must be user-friendly or easy to use. For it to be easily located, use keyword rich titles and contents. That way search engines can easily find them. Website becomes a frustration because of its inability to function well. If the load time, page size and navigability are disastrous, what do you expect to happen? Visitors can tend to be impatient. Because of their hectic time, they can leave almost straight away and never to return. Another, when they are not secure with your website’s environment they will not feel ‘at home’, accordingly, it will limit their decisions and purchasing transactions. One of the biggest mistakes of web sites is its being oblivion of call-to-action concerns. After visiting the site, it must give a clear perspective on what you want your visitors to do next. Is it to order, to call – say it, and you got to do it politely to create a good impression.

A pretty site is nothing but a pretty box. It doesn’t guarantee a fulfilling gift. What is important is the totality of the box including its contents. Utilize the 4 indispensable elements and you will surely optimize your sales!

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