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Sell Your Name, Not Your Product
Do you know what the majority of people sell? I could not tell you what Michael Green sells, but if he does sell something, then I would probably buy it. His name is popular among the ?Marketers?.
Website Design: 10 Web Site Design Pitfalls To Avoid
If you??ve a website that is not generating a lot of sales, it may be due to some design flaws. Below are website design flaws you should correct now, to empower your website:
3 Steps To Home Business Success
If you own a home business, there are 3 things you absolutely, positively must have, if you want to be successful: 1. You must have a guru or mentor: If you aren't proficient in Internet marketing, ...
Take The Path Of Least Resistance To Success
It's been said time and again that 95 percent of all online businesses fail. I don't know how accurate that statement is, but if it's anywhere close to the truth, I know the reason why. Besides be...
The Sure-Fire Ways To Increase Your E-zine's Readership!
A few tips and tactics to attract your newsletter readers and keep them come back.
Your Own Affiliate Program
The whys, wherefors and hows of running your very own Internet affiliate program in words so easy a baby could become an Internet Guru!
Direct Mail
The web is a most versatile and often misused medium for direct marketing. In this email, I will share tips and techniques to make the web a major advertising tool for your sales and marketing efforts
Why Write Articles to Promote your Book?
Reach 15,000 to over 100,000 targeted buyers every week Online. That's the best reason I know to write and submit how-to articles to opt-in ezines and top web sites. Now, that's real exposure! And it's totally targeted because these people visit sites and subscribe to ezines who feature your topics of expertise. Your book sales will soar!
15 Website Elements That Attract Visitors
Certain components on a website attract visitors and get them to linger more than others. Having the right combintation is one of the basic keys to being attractive to visitors. Marketing Master, Catherine Franz, shares a quick list of 15 components, in attractiveness order, to compare to your website.
5 Powerful Ways To Get Zero Sales From Your Website
The 5 most neglected techniques and tactics that will prevent you from getting any sales online.


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