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Sell Your Name, Not Your Product

Sell Your Name, Not Your Product

Do you know what the majority of people sell? I could not tell you what Michael Green sells, but if he does sell something, then I would probably buy it. His name is popular among the ?Marketers?.

When you were in school you probably remember that some guys and girls were more popular than others. Those were the ones that were voted as Vice Presidents and or course Presidents of the school faculty group.

It wasn?t that they were any smarter or did anything better, but as you know they did get around a lot more than most people. They communicated with quite a few people. When you mention their names, most everyone in school knew them. Not many people knew you if you were not popular.

I have been told that the Internet is a big place. You can literally get lost. Once you lose you place, chances are you won?t find it again unless you bookmark it or send it to your ?favorites?.

In my own opinion that?s total nonsense. If you or any marketer actually does the work right, then your world will be a small world. Anywhere you type in the search engines, your ?name? will come up.

Now it easy to remember a name like Michael Green, John Reese, Corey Rudl, and especially Yanik Silver, but if you had a name like Rabiekaik Corekjlea, then chances are great that you may want to concentrate on the name product like they did ?Tide?.

Most marketers don?t sell one and only one product though so if you have a complicated name that is hard to remember, there is always a solution. Most people may not know what company business name Corey works under but they remember his name. This is where you can type in the search engine to find him.

A short company name to promote Rabiekaik Corekjlea would be sufficient. Personally RC would be great in a case like this with something on the end of course.

You want to promote this name everywhere you can. When you advertise, do not be ashamed to give that name. You have seen testimonials. Most of them must either be scams or they are not interested in selling you anything, even when they are marketers themselves. I see testimonials all the time with first name only and find out that they are supposedly selling the same product. ?Not to wise!?

Actually the Internet is a small world. Yes, It has billions and billions of information on it. That is what is so amazing about how easy it is to make your name become so popular in such a short time.

Some people are naturally shy about talking on the radio, the phone, or in person. Hey, wake up. These are words on a computer screen. Start Promoting. Join all the forums you can. Subscribe to all the ezines you can. Start getting to know some of the ?Gurus? by name. ?If you ain?t known you ain?t goin to sell.?

I know that you have heard of the old question ?Which came first, the chicken or the egg?? Right? I have another question for you. When do you advertise, before you get a product of after you get the product? If you were selling tibits or beans and you wanted to sell them to the world for ever, you would advertise those tibits or beans by the name but if you did not sell tibits or beans only, then you would want to sell your name. Wouldn?t it be wise just to sell your name and then it wouldn?t matter what you sell.

I am a strong believer in the concept of being ?known? to the public. If I were to advertise, I would be advertising to get people interested in talking to me or subscribing to my list before I attempt to sell them anything. Once they trust you, chances are greater; they will become a repeat customer. If you attempt to sell them from an ad, then you?ve already lost. An ad does nothing except tells that person that you have something. To actually sell them, you need to get them to your site or talk to them.

My name is Randall Stafford and I have been marketing since 1994 and I love it. I have not ever failed. I have found some many ways that did not work.

I have been on the internet Marketing since 1994 and love it. You can make money in this World. You must decide what is stopping you. If it is knowledge, that is easy. Sign up for as many ezines as you can and take the knowledge from the pros.

You can do anything you want if you HAD TO.


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